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Pan Phillips Head Screw Bolt

Product parameters

Screw Bolt introduction:

The Category of Screw Fasteners are:

1、Types of screws bolts: according to the connection force, divided into ordinary and hinged.

2、Classification of bolts: hex heads screw bolt, round heads screw bolt, square heads screw bolt, countersunk heads screw bolt, hanger bolt, screw nut bolt, lock nut, carriage bolt and so on.

3、Types of bolt heads: Hexagon head, round head, square head, countersunk head and so on.

4、the thread is divided into two types of full thread and non-full thread according to length.

5、according to the thread type is divided into two types of coarse teeth and fine teeth, coarse teeth are not displayed in the bolt logo.

6、bolts are divided into eight grades of 3.6, 4.8, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9, and 12.9. Among them, bolts of grade 8.8 or higher (including grade 8.8) are made of low carbon alloy steel or medium carbon steel and are heat treated. (Quenching + tempering), commonly known as high-strength bolts, generally less than 8.8 (excluding 8.8) commonly known as ordinary bolts.

7、Ordinary bolts can be divided into three grades A, B, and C according to the manufacturing accuracy. Grades A and B are refined bolts, and grade C is rough bolts.

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Bolt Fastener Main Parameters:

Product namePan Phillips Head Screw Bolt with Flat Washer and Spring Washer Set
Brand NameWenzhou Yuanzhi Auto parts
Model NumberYZ-bolt-003
MaterialC70, 65Mn, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, or as OEM required
GradeClass 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 8.8, 10.9, SAE J429 Gr. 2, Gr. 5, Gr.8 or as required
FinishSelf Color, Plain, Zinc Plated ( Clear/Blue/Yellow/Black ), Ni-plated, Passivated, Polish, Black Oxide, Nickel, Chrome, Hot Deep Galvanize(H. D. G. ), etc
StandardGB, DIN, ISO, ANSI/ASTM, B7, BS, BSW, JIS, etc
SizeM5-M48 , #12-3/4"or non-standard as request&design
Heat TreatmentTempering, Carburizing, Spheroidizing annealing, Quenching, etc
Test EquipmentCaliper, Tensile test machine, Hardness tester, Salt spraying tester, H.D.G thickness tester, 3D detector, Projector, Magnetic flaw detector and etc
CertificationISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016, ISO 1400:2015
MOQSmall order can be accepted
Loading PortNingbo or Shanghai
Payment term30% deposit in advance,70% before shipment,100% TT in advance
Delivery TimeEnough stock or strong production capacity ensure timely delivery
Packaging100,200,300,500,1000PCS per bag with label,export standard carton, or according to customer special demand
Design abilityWe can supply sample, OEM&ODM is welcome

The Screw Bolt Detection Methods are:

There are two types of bolt inspection: manual and machine. Manual is the most primitive and most commonly used consistent detection method. In order to minimize the outflow of defective products, the general production personnel inspect the packaged or shipped products visually to eliminate defective products (defectives include dental injuries, mixed materials, rust, etc.).

The other method is automatic detection of the machine, mainly magnetic particle inspection. Magnetic particle flaw detection is the use of the magnetic field leakage and the interaction of magnetic particles at the defects of bolts. In view of the possible differences between bolts (such as cracks, slag inclusions, mixtures, etc.) and the magnetic permeability of steel, these materials are discontinuous The magnetic field at the place will be mutated.

The leakage magnetic field was generated on the surface of the workpiece where part of the magnetic flux leak was formed, which attracted the magnetic powder to form a magnetic powder accumulation at the defect—the magnetic mark. Under appropriate lighting conditions, the defect location and shape were displayed. Has achieved the purpose of eliminating defective products.

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Application Scope of Screw Hex Bolts:

1、Head screws often used in Stainless steel plate, metal steel plate, galvanized steel plate, engineering installation.

2、Metal curtain wall metal light compartments, indoor and outdoor installation.

3、 General angle steel, channel steel, iron plate and other metal materials combined installation.

4、Commonly be used in Metal curtain wall metal light compartments, indoor and outdoor installation.


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