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What are the Uses of Bolts?

Mar. 03, 2020

Bolts and matching nuts are used to fasten two connected parts and components with through holes. hexagon head bolt is the most widely used type of bolt. Grade A and grade B bolts are used in important, high-precision assembly requirements, and withstanding large shocks, vibrations, or loads. Class C bolts are used where the surface is relatively rough and assembly accuracy is not high. The threads on bolts are generally coarse-threaded ordinary threads, and fine-threaded ordinary threaded bolts have better self-locking properties, and are mainly used in thin-walled parts or in applications where shock, vibration or alternating loads occur. Generally, bolts are made of partial threads, and full-thread bolts are mainly used in situations that require longer threads. Hole bolts are used where bolt locking is required. Bolts with hinged holes can accurately fix the mutual position of the connected parts, and can withstand shearing and compression caused by lateral forces.

Alloy steel hexagon head bolt is mostly used in occasions or fixtures that require frequent disconnection.

The head of the hexagonal flange warp bolt is composed of the hexagonal part and the flange surface. The "bearing area to stress area ratio" is greater than that of ordinary hexagon head bolts, so this bolt can withstand higher pretension The anti-loose performance is also good, so it is widely used in automotive engines, heavy machinery and other products.

The square head of the square head bolt has a large size, which is convenient for jamming the wrench or relying on other parts to stop the rotation. It can also be used in parts with T-slots to adjust the bolt position. Class C square head bolts are often used on relatively rough structures.

Semi-circular head (square neck or tenon) bolts are mostly used in places where the structure is restricted, other head bolts are inconvenient, or the connected parts require a smooth bolt head. The square neck or tenon structure prevents the bolt from turning; ordinary round head bolts are mostly used on metal parts; round head stud bolts are mostly used on wooden parts; reinforced half round head bolts are mostly used to withstand shock, vibration or traffic. Variable load occasions; countersunk head bolts are mostly used in situations where the surface of the connected parts requires flatness or smoothness without blocking things.

Alloy Steel Hexagon Head Bolt

Alloy Steel Hexagon Head Bolt

T-slot bolts are suitable for applications where bolts can only be connected from one side of the part to be connected. After inserting the bolt from the T-slot and turning it 900, the bolt does not need to come out; it is also used in the occasions where the structure is required to be compact.

Anchor bolts are designed to be embedded in the cement foundation for use in home appliances.

Assembling and disassembling tools for bolts, hex head bolts can be fixed wrenches, plum wrenches, socket wrenches or adjustable wrenches; square head bolts can be fixed wrenches or adjustable wrenches; for other bolts, the above-mentioned tools can be used for dismounting and matching nuts (Hexagonal or square nuts).