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Analysis of China's Fastener Market Size and Development Trend in 2019(Up)

Jan. 20, 2020

Hexagon head special flange bolt supplier introduces you: In recent years, China's fastener industry has maintained rapid development, and output, sales volume and nationalization have continued to increase. Fasteners are widely used in various fields such as machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools, and instruments, and are closely related to the development of the equipment manufacturing industry. With the steady development of China's economy, the continuous increase in the downstream industry demand for fasteners, and the strong support of national policies, the scale of the fastener market will continue to rise.

High-end fasteners are mainly concentrated in the fields of aerospace, high-speed rail, wind power, nuclear power, automobiles and ships, and most of this field belongs to China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry. In 2013, China's smart manufacturing, high-speed rail transportation, and offshore engineering and other high-end equipment manufacturing industry's output value accounted for more than 10% of the equipment manufacturing industry. The high-end equipment manufacturing industry is at the high end of the value chain and at the core of the industrial chain. It is a strategic emerging industry that determines the overall competitiveness of the entire industry chain. It is the embodiment of China's core competitiveness and has received strong support from the state. The market size of high-end fasteners will continue to rise with the rapid development of aerospace, satellite and application, rail transportation equipment, marine engineering equipment, nuclear power, wind power, and automotive industries.

development trend:

Compared with foreign advanced levels, the technical level gap of China's fastener industry is still large, mainly reflected in production equipment and raw materials. Most of China's fastener manufacturing enterprises are small in scale, backward in production technology, poor in equipment, slow in technological innovation, and poor in surface treatment. As a result, the production capacity of low-level products in China's fastener industry is excessive, and demand for high-end fasteners exceeds supply; The variety, specifications, and quality of domestic fastener steels have not yet fully met the requirements of the fastener industry, resulting in the procedures that should have been resolved in the metallurgical industry being transferred to fastener companies. At present, only a few companies can rely on themselves Strong comprehensive strength to solve this problem.

Non standard hexagon bolt supplier believes that innovative fastener technology is the support for the development of fasteners, and the trend of technological development determines the trend of industrial development to a certain extent. The core technology of fasteners is not only to accelerate the development of special steel grades, but also to integrate the technical details and know-how of the manufacturing, testing and heat treatment of fasteners. In the future, China's fastener technology should gradually move closer to foreign advanced levels in terms of material selection, structural design, manufacturing process, special process, detection technology, surface coating technology and quality control. At the same time, the production of intelligent, integrated and extraordinary Development will also be the main trend of the industry's technological development.